Corporate Gifting

Let Us Make You Look Good!

When it comes to corporate gifting we know that it is more than the thought that counts. Our team understand that gifting can sometimes be an overwhelming task, which is why we offer a complete corporate gifting service from start to finish.

Say ‘thank you’ to clients or congratulate team members with a gift hamper that has been custom designed with premium quality products and beautifully prepared packaging.

The team has extensive experience in all types of corporate gift hampers, we guarantee you that we will make your brand shine as part of your gifting strategy.

The Gift that you give says so much about you and your business and that is why partnering with The Food Purveyor will ensure that your message is on point.

Together we can make sure that whoever receives a Gift Hamper from you sees the clear message of how important their business is to yours.

Custom Branded Ribbons

We can have your logo printed on any ribbon of your choice. 

Custom Branded Gift Cards

This is a really simple way to include your brand. 

Custom Branded Stickers

This is an inexpensive way to personalise your gift hampers.

Custom Branded Products

We can create branded products for you.

Contact the team at The food Purveyor and let us make your Corporate Gifting Strategy to life.

The Food Purveyor!

Chocolate Coated Pretzels - Chocolate Coated Awesome!

We know you guys have been asking us to do this for a long time and now we have finally listened!

Chocolate Pretzels can now be purchased directly from us online so you don't have to wait to get them in a hamper or try and find stockists we can now deliver them direct to your door.

I can hear you all screaming with delight now so get those fingers ready and place your orders!!

That perfect marriage of salty sweet is just a a quick 'tap' away!

Happy dreaming of deliciousness xx

Valentines Day

The 14th February comes around quickly every year and we are all focused on how to express our love the best and in such a way that shows how we really feel about the one we love.  It is a dangerous road to navigate - do to little and you obviously don’t love me enough – do too much and maybe you are over compensating – can you ever get it right!

Honestly I don’t know – what I should be telling you is to purchase one of our hampers which will get your love in balance perfectly!  I have a different story on love and what Valentines Day means to us.

7 years ago today I woke early in the morning with the knowledge that I had reached the 12 week mark of pregnancy and I could breath a little easier.

We had family staying over and we had such a lovely time with them showing our amazing region off - dinner, beach, cafes all the fun a family could have.  Later in the afternoon our family left for their drive home and we settled in as a family for the week ahead.  Dinner cooked, lunches packed and two girls in bed tucked up for the night.

It was only now that I knew the low pains I was having were not right.  They had been niggling for a couple of hours but I had ignored it.  Then our world fell apart.

It was clear something was wrong – I spoke with my doctor and he told me to take some pain relief and see if that helped and lie down with my feet up.

As the hours ticked by I knew what was happening even if my beautiful husband tried to remain the positive person he is by telling me that everything would be ok.  Mums know.

We made it to the hospital very early in the morning and during an ultrasound were told the heartbreaking news.

I don’t need to go into details about what happened next as we all know the outcome but it is what happens after that is often the hardest part.

The hardest thing was breaking the news to people – we were at 12 weeks everything should have been ok – our beautiful eldest daughter was old enough to understand and her world rocked and our parents as well – life isn’t easy especially when you break the hearts of the people you love.

We went through the motions and in fact for the first couple of weeks I faked the pain I was feeling in my heart in the hope it would make my loved ones feel better.

It is funny that during this stage there were many people that were not supportive, were incredibly negative and couldn’t understand why I, or my husband would be so upset.  They knew best, their journey was worse, they had been through worse, they knew how I should react, behave or just be – they had no idea and still don’t.

I navigated in darkness for 6 weeks not wanting to feel or speak – not that anyone noticed because to the outside world I was amazing and strong.  I was broken and empty and felt like a failure.

It was at the six week mark of reaching rock bottom and couldn’t speak that I finally picked up the phone and spoke with someone.  It didn’t fix everything but I know that it stopped me from not wanting to be here anymore.

I have had many people during and after say “think how lucky you are you have two beautiful children” – guess what they are right and will always be right and everyday I do know how lucky I am but my arms were empty and I was lost.

Somehow we lived a life for 12 months as a family and tried to have another baby but as the anniversary approached my world became so much darker and I struggled to see the light.  It was just after the anniversary that my world fell apart and I finally stopped worrying about how everyone else was and focused on myself.

It took six months to get me back on track – I worked, I was a mum, I was a wife, I was a daughter, I was a friend through all of it – but in the end I had to stop so I could find out who I was.

6 years on from this dark time and although we were never able to have our ‘Rainbow Baby’ what we have is our beautiful family and loved ones.

We have learnt many things along the way but the most important one is to love.  Not to fear what has happened but to embrace it and understand that this is what makes us the parents and people we are today.

So this Valentines Day I say to all of you remember why you love and if you need to express it in a gift that is perfect but if words are your way then try that because sometimes words or just being there for someone can just be as important.

Happy Valentines Day xx

Gorgeous Charlotte

Gorgeous Charlotte

Beautiful Emma 

Beautiful Emma 

James,  AND myself x

James,  AND myself x

Corporate Hampers

The Gift Hamper that you give says so much about you and your business and that is why partnering with The Food Purveyor will ensure that your message is on point.

Together we can make sure that whoever receives a Gift Hamper from you sees the clear message of how important their business is to yours.

The team at The Food Purveyor can create custom packaging including boxes, ribbons, labels and stickers to bring your Corporate Gifting Plan to life.  We can also develop product that can represent your brand from branded chocolates, hand stamped pottery, branded olive oil, candles created with your own scent and packaging, beer – with your own recipe and labelling – really the list is endless.  The only limitations to this is your own imagination – but that is why we are here!

The Food Purveyor x

The Food Purveyor Donates to Dairy Farmers

The team here at The Food Purveyor wanted to ensure that we could do something to support Dairy Farmers and their families during this difficult time for them all.  So with that in mind we have decided to donate 10% of all hampers purchased online through The Food Purveyor directly to Beyond Blue to help them support the Farmers.

It has become apparent to us over the last week that it is not just enough by Branded Milk or Milk from small producers we need to do more.

We are focusing on how Farmers will navigate this stage and the impacts it can have on their families and the farming community.

The decision to donate to Beyond Blue was an easy one in the end and really something we should be doing.

The Food Purveyor work closely with many Farmers and Small Producers in Regional Australia sourcing the best quality produce we can.  The smallest of changes can impact greatly in Regional Australia and that is why we should always consider where and how we purchase our products.

Lets work together to support our Farmers and each other.

The Food Purveyor xx

Dairy farming and the future

Today I spoke with my cousin Ray Stefani – a business owner, husband, father, brother, son, cousin, friend and a Dairy Farmer.

We have always had farmers in our family spanning across Dairy, Wheat and Sheep across many generations as most farming families do. We were the city family who thought it was so cool to spend all our time in Fish Creek or Korong Vale with our cousins hanging out and doing farming things. Ray’s brother John is a farmer, my Uncle Tony and his brothers are farmers, my Great Uncle Terry was a farmer and so it goes on.

Honestly most of my memories from childhood are full of all the amazing times we had being just kids playing in the hay shed, cricket in the summer, football in the winter, séance’s at night and of course murder in the dark. There  were no iPhones or iPads we just made our own fun from day break until it was dark – we would come back and raid the kitchen from time to time but we were busy and full of mischief.  As we grew of course things changed and we would head out to the local night-life (don’t be surprised) the Tarwin Lower Pub was totally cool I will have you know and the Fishy Pub was pretty great as well. Of course by then I had realised that my cousins had grown up and so had all the boys at the local footy club – but that’s for another blog!

I suppose for our business where we make hampers; we focus on working with farmers and producers and sourcing our produce direct so our customers are assured that their hampers are filled with amazing produce. The money our customers spend with us goes right back to the farmer/farm-gate/producer.

I therefore was interested to speak with Ray and get an understanding straight from well the Cows Mouth as to the impact it is going to have on their business and family.

Ray and his lovely wife Bec have four beautiful children on 300 acres in the South Gippsland town of Fish Creek; which has a population of around 200 and is located around 165kms from Melbourne. They milk 280 cows twice a day every day rain, hail or shine. In fact today Ray had been out in 80km an hour wind and rain pumping effluent into a field. Ray said to me “I was talking to the guy that works for us saying far out what are we doing this for!!!!” They have no choice they have to do it as no one else will – the cows have to be milked and we have to look after the land we need to keep going.


So what did I learn and why is it important for you all to understand:

  • Milk Solids – is the term used for the fresh milk.
  • They were being paid approx. $5.60 a month per kilo of milk solids.
  • It will drop to around $4.75 – $5.00 moving forward.
  • The cost to produce 1kg of Milk Solids is approx. $5.00 – $5.20.
  • This reduction will see them loose around $10,000 per month over the coming months.
  • When you are calving depends on what you get paid for milk and how hard you will be hit by the price change.
  • If you are calving now and producing all your milk, your loss is higher but if you are drying out your cows the impact is less.
  • This impact will affect small business in the local districts, the suppliers of grain and other farm required goods and that impact for them is happening now.
  • Did you realise that only 6% of Fresh Milk becomes drinking milk with the remainder going to Cheese, Yoghurt, Powdered Milk and Baby Formula.

I asked Ray what we could do as consumers to try and support them and he said – by purchasing branded products and where possible check where it comes from. Purchase the branded milk, the branded cheeses, branded yoghurts etc. Take a stand and make sure that the supermarkets understand that we will not be dictated to as to what we can purchase. Lets ensure that as we move forward people understand where and how they get their produce.

I suppose all those times spent on the farms has had an enormous impact on us and that is why we started our business – understanding where produce comes from should be paramount to all of us.

Lets all stand up and make sure that an industry that has helped to underpin this country continues to get the support it deserves – lets be clear that it is not hand outs that farmers want – they just want to be paid for what they produce.

Ray and I talked about the future and how they were going to navigate these next three years and he took a moment to respond and then he said “you know Nicole I was really angry and totally let down initially but we will fight on because of our families and our cows of course but my real worry is for the future for the young farmers who have started out now – how will they carry on and who will be the farmers of the future if they can’t continue now.”

Come on everyone get on board ask the question of where do the products I buy in the Supermarket come from – look up – that’s where the small guys are on the top shelves – look down as they are there as well – and lets support the grass roots of this country.

Love you Ray what an inspiration you are and all the other farmers out there xxx

The Food Purveyor xxx

Girl Unhampered

When someone calls to say they want to write an article about you and the business it is always with some trepidation as to whether or not your story will translate to what people might be interested in.

I was blown away today reading the article written by Kristie Hayden and featured in Business News.  Not only is it beautifully written but it also puts in to order the last three years of The Food Purveyor journey.

Working with our amazing suppliers and helping to sell their products both locally and around Australia helps to get me out of bed in the morning.  These incredible suppliers are creating some of the best products in Australia and many of them are within a 50km radius of Geelong.  These suppliers include Irrewarra, Pennyroyal Farm, Angel Sent Candles, Southern Bay Brewing, La Madre, Leura Park, Jack Rabbit, Flying Brick, Smalt, Asterisk, Baie Wines, Pud for All Seasons, Charlies Cookies, Robert Gordon, Screaming Seeds, Camilo, Bellalu, Love Tea, Freckleberry, Adelia, SpringHill Farm and Sweet Things By Caroline are our go to for Artisan Products.

The hampers that we create can be purchased directly online or can be made to order with Bespoke Tailoring to your requirements.

It is funny to read about your self and realise what you have been doing for the last 3 years and also understand why you have been so busy.  This has been quite some journey meeting the most amazing people and getting to work with such inspirational producers that make my job easy.  This journey is still just at the beginning look out for what we get up to next!

Nicole x