Butter - Portions of Joy 'Lard Ass' 6x20g

🎁 Introducing "Portions of Joy" 🌿🧈

Treat yourself or your loved ones to a delightful culinary experience with our handcrafted box of medallions of cultured flavoured butter! Each box is packed with six individually wrapped portions weighing 20g, providing the perfect balance of flavour and convenience.

🌟 Discover a world of flavours! 🌟

🧄 Smoked Garlic: Indulge in the aromatic blend of roasted garlic, transforming simple dishes into culinary masterpieces.
🌶️ Chili Peppers: Ignite your taste buds with a hint of fiery chilli, perfect for adding a kick to grilled meats and roasted vegetables.
🌸 Smoky Pomodoro: Experience a Mediterranean influence with sundried tomatoes and herbs with a gentle kick of paprika that pairs beautifully with chicken, fish or vegetables.
🍯 Sweet Vanilla: Dive into a world of sweet indulgence with the rich and buttery notes of vanilla, perfect for desserts and pancakes.
🧂 Smoked Salted: Enhance your savoury dishes with a touch of smokiness, bringing out the natural flavours of grilled meats and steamed vegetables.

🎁 Whether it's for a birthday, anniversary, or just a thoughtful gesture, "Portions of Joy" make a delightful gift that will bring smiles to the faces of butter enthusiasts and food lovers alike.

💚 Our commitment to quality 💚

Each medallion is lovingly hand-wrapped, ensuring freshness and preserving the authentic flavours. We carefully select the finest ingredients, including locally sourced cream and natural flavourings, to create a product that embodies our passion for exceptional taste and craftsmanship.

Best Before - 3 months
Keep Refrigerated at 4C or below. Can be frozen.Delivery for Chilled Hampers is $25 to Melbourne and Suburbs and $30 throughout Victoria.

Delivery will take place during the 2nd and 3rd week of December but will be confirmed upon receipt of your order.  Please check the detailed postcode list to ensure to DELIVERY to your order. 

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