Cancer Can Fuck Off Chocolate Pretzels 100g

Cancer Can Fuck Off!

A sentiment that many of us know only too well.  Go on say it out loud and get your words heard.

Saying Cancer Can Fuck Off will make total sense with the World's best Chocolate Coated Pretzels!  These deliciously salted crunchy pretzels.

They are layered into a circle and then tempered Couverture Chocolate is poured over the top. The chocolate flows over and through the pretzels catching each and every one of the precious pretzels with the just the right balance of salty and sweet.

Perfect with coffee and tea and of course the ultimate to be served with drinks!  After dinner mints no more after dinner chocolate pretzels.

Our pretzels come gift boxed and wrapped and can be sent as a present with a card.

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