Pyramid Salt Flake Sea Salt 250g

Pure White Flakes of Flavour, free from artificial additives and anti-caking agents. Contains retained magnesium and calcium, essential elements for good health. Our flake salt is a pure natural product of Mother Nature.

This Flake Salt is especially valued by connoisseur chefs for its pure qualities and unique rich flavour. Above all, is its delightful bite.

A Pyramid Salt Flake tastes different from other table salts due to its purity. It crumbles easily to add fresh flavour to your meals and garnishes. Use it with confidence in cooking and salads, it's a must ingredient in contemporary cuisine, crush it between your fingers and feel the magic.

All Pyramid Salt comes from the unpolluted ancestral Australian seabeds deep beneath the Loddon Plains in Northern Victoria and retains Magnesium and Calcium, essential mineral elements for your health.

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