Ground Hues Organic Snowballs 3 Pack

Reinventing the Snowball - one organic ingredient at a time.
  • The Classic – Vanilla Bean & Dark Couverture Chocolate, a soft vanilla bean marshmallow, coated in dark couverture chocolate & coconut.  3 pack
  • Retro Raspberry – Raspberry & White Chocolate, a soft raspberry flavoured marshmallow, coated in white chocolate & coconut.  3 Pack
  • Salt’N’Caramel – a soft salt’n’caramel flavoured marshmallow, coated in milk chocolate & coconut.  3 Pack

Ground Hues is the brainchild of Melbourne based organic chef Rod Barbey, one time fine dining chef, restaurateur & now creative organic snowball maker.

With a philosophy of creating a product range that differentiates itself from the mainstream, yet evokes memories, traditions & nostalgic flavours of our mind.

Flavours that utilises the hues of the environment & the earth, ground in form, certified organic from nature, in the pursuit of purity of taste sensations across the spectrum of the palate, this combined with the meticulous care to create.

Our concept has been to create & activate the brand ‘Ground Hues’ with a familiar, nostalgic product, being the ‘Classic Snowball’. A confectionary that reminds you of the good old days.

Ground Hues core philosophy is organic, gluten free, handmade small batch products, that appeal to today’s savvy food lovers, aware of the environment sustainably. This enables us to bring quality, flavour & memories to all.

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