Goodness Flour Date & Walnut Spice Cake


With freshly milled spices, walnuts for a lovely crunchy topping and dates to remind us of the warmth of the sun. Loving the wholegrain flour, walnut, star anise, cinnamon and date combination. Ok, I added currants too. Just to top it off.

Ingredients: Biodynamic Scout, Rye & Spelt flours, organic dates & currants, locally grown spray free walnuts, brown sugar, golden syrup, mixed spices, baking powder, baking soda, pure vanilla & Australian Pink Lake salt.

Yeast free. (Please note allergen advice below)

You will need:

125ml (115g) of good quality olive oil
2 large free-range eggs
195ml (200g) of milk

You will need:

2 large, free range eggs
150g (170ml) of good quality olive oil
190g (185ml) of milk

Small batch flour, freshly milled from organic grain.

Smell, taste and feel the difference. All the goodness of wholegrains, with nothing taken out and nothing added in. Unlike commercial flour, milled on large steel rollers, these are complete grains – germ, bran and endosperm. Carefully milled on stone at cool temperatures, so there’s less damage to the good fat, and more nutrients, fibre and enzymes. Complete and all in one neat package - just as nature intended.

Why wholegrain flour?

Most flour is milled on steel rollers which separate the grain at the start of the milling process. The germ and bran are removed, leaving only the starchy endosperm - with calories, but very few nutrients. Many commercial ‘wholemeal’ flours are produced in the same way, with bran simply added back in at the end of the process.

Goodness Flour is different. It’s stoneground, so it retains the fibre, good oils and nutritional qualities of the wholegrain, as well as the natural enzymes to facilitate digestion. We package in small quantities – use it fresh, try different flours and enjoy experimenting!   

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