Grace+Marie Golden Wattle

Our national floral emblem blooms in early September, with tiny clumps of sweet-smelling flower heads. This scent is reminiscent of red rose laced with a spicy middle core and blends effortlessly into jasmine, finished with the woody, orange rind aromas of petitgrain and the piney freshness of fir needle.

Properties that make our candles extra special:

  • They are made with natural, pure GMO free soy wax.
  • Blended with high grade Australian made fragrances that aren't tested on animals.
  • Use lead free wicks.
  • Has an approximate burn time of 48 hours.

'Grace + Marie' was founded in 2017 by self-confessed candle addict Cartier.

Being a combination of my middle name (Marie) and that of my sister (Grace), and both names being a tribute to our grandparents and great-grandparents, the 'Grace + Marie’ name itself reflects the love and devotion that goes into making each product.  

Our luxury home fragrance PRODUCTS have been designed to indulge your senses with their dreamy aromas and stylish aesthetic.

the entire process, From start to finish, of creating each CANDLE, DIFFUSER, MELT, OR ROOM SPRAY is hand-done by me in Torquay Australia. All PRODUCTS are hand-poured using high-quality ingredients and available in a variety of fragrances and elegant glassware to elevate your home.


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