Lighthouse Extra Virgin Olive Oil

 Lighthouse Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Containing 1 x 500ml bottle Intense fruitiness extra virgin olive oil and 1 x 500ml medium fruitiness extra virgin olive oil. Entirely grown and processed on site at the Lighthouse olive grove.


Lighthouse Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a multi-award winning olive oil, grown and cold pressed on the Bellarine Peninsula. The property is situated overlooking Swan Bay and Queenscliff and spans 165 acres.

Our range includes many varieties of extra virgin olive oils ranging from mild to intense robust flavours. With the classic cool climate providing our olives with a distinct Victorian coastal character our oils are versatile and vary in their degrees of fruitiness. When blended together they produce our delicious Yellow and White label extra virgin olive oils.

We also produce a range of processed fused Citrus oils. With hand chopped fresh Lemons, Limes or Ruby Grapefruits being pressed straight into the processor with our olives. These oils have a unique fresh, zesty flavour perfect for salads, vegetables, fish and seafood.

​We grow the following varieties of olive: Picual (Spanish), Manzanillo (Spanish), Frantoio (Italian/Tuscan), Barnea (Israel). The main varieties grown for table olives are Kalamata (Greek)
Our methods are environmentally sustainable and support the wildlife habitats of Australian plants and animals.

All of our oils are extracted within hours of harvesting with our quality control systems ensuring purity and freshness. All waste products from the production of our oils are recycled on the property.

Our trees are harvested in the winter months by a mechanical shaker with smaller trees hand picked. Our olives are then processed immediately to retain freshness.

Once the oil is extracted we store in stainless steel tanks to let the oil settle naturally. Unfiltered oil is not only better for you it tastes better too. Our oil is then stored in temperature controlled environment until we are ready to bottle.

We pride ourselves in quality control from the tree to the table.

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