Shire House Rosemary infused olive oil - 250ml glass bottle

Our delicious and zesty rosemary infused extra virgin olive oil is a must have in your kitchen. Adding a natural and much loved flavour, rosemary can elevate any dish. A Mediterranean classic with a Bellarine pedigree.

Ingredients: Rosmarinus officinalis & extra virgin olive oil.

Features: Organically grown rosemary, locally sourced extra virgin olive oil, locally produced & packed, 100% Australian owned, low to no waste with recyclable packaging.

We acknowledge the traditional owners of the Bellarine, where Shire House Farm is located, the Wathaurong, and the years spent cultivating the flora and fauna. We feel lucky to be able to share a small part in the long history of the land, and we pay our respects to the elders past, present and emerging.

Inspiration of the Shire House name tying back to some happy years in the UK, our own family has a strong connection to the land, and can trace our history on the Bellarine back to the 1850’s. We are happy to share the reasons why we stayed if you come for a visit.


The land that is the centrepiece of the Shire House Farm story is a family farm. A long history of heavy grazing means that the land needs a lot of attention, however the range of volcanic and sandy soils means that with a bit of hard work the results are starting to show, restoring our faith in the dirt.

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